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“The Worst Thing You Can Do As Women…” | Amal Clooney

THE BEAUTIFUL HUMAN-RIGHTS-LAWYER – otherwise known as George Clooney’s wife – has opened up about who inspired her the most in life.

Amal Clooney, human rights lawyer and inspiration for women the world over, has opened up during the Texas Conference for Women, stating that her mother was her greatest influence and source of inspiration. She learned from her mother, who was her most significant role model, the steadfast character required for business, as well as the values of a working woman. She discovered that it was essential that you be independent, sometimes, and that you care about your career, whilst also having balance. As Amal herself said, her mother “never lost her femininity” and she valued balance greatly, which is something she passed on. This was a  that Amal gained from her mother and so she was able to create balance and maintain poise, eventually reaching a platform from which her voice could rise and touch millions. Using this platform recently, she referenced the modern failings of our patriarchal society and stated, definitively:

“The worst thing we can do as women is not support each other,” said Amal, calling to women everywhere to stand up for each other.