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Chalcedony Gemstones - What is Chalcedony?

What is Chalcedony? The Nurturing Gemstone

Chalcedony History

What is chalcedony? Pronounced kal-sed-uh-nee, this gemstone is a microcrystalline variety of quartz. A common gemstone that is found in many locations throughout the world, its appeal can be dated back as far as the Bronze Age. The name refers to a family of gemstones, were the single coloured varieties are commonly sold under the family name, and were banded varieties are often given specific names such as onyx and carnelian. 

Chalcedony Gemstone Crystal

In its natural form, this gemstone has a waxy lustre and a pale appearance, with its colour ranging from translucent white to semi-transparent lilac. Its fair surface and chemical structure allows for its natural colour to be altered by embedding minerals. And it is this quality that makes chalcedony a great gemstone for jewellery. In recent times, light  blue Chalcedony has become a popular choice of gemstone due to its calming blue hues and pleasing appearance. 

Chalcedony Healing Properties

A nurturing stone, chalcedony is known to absorb negative energy, allowing it to dissipate to prevent onward transmission. Great for bringing the mind, body, emotions and spirit into harmony, it can help increase physical energy and ease self doubt. 

Chalcedony Gemstone

Also a reflective stone that encourages inward reflection, possessing such item is said to make you feel more alive and energised. A powerful healer and cleanser, this precious gem allows people who wear this stone to become more enthusiastic, confident and open about life. 

Chalcedony Jewellery

Shop the brand new collection of chalcedony jewellery by QP Jewellers. Brilliant briolette cuts combined with fabulous variations of colour create this remarkable jewellery collection. 

Light Blue Briolette Cut Chalcedony Pendant Necklace 20.4 ct in Gold
Light Blue Briolette Cut Pendant Necklace 20.4 ct in 9ct Gold
Pink Briolette Cut Chalcedony Pendant Necklace 19 ct in Gold
Pink Briolette Cut Pendant Necklace 19 ct in 9ct Gold
Mint Green Briolette Cut Chalcedony Pendant Necklace 17.8 ct in Gold
Mint Green Briolette Cut Pendant Necklace 17.8 ct in 9ct Gold
Orange Briolette Cut Chalcedony Earrings 35.2 ctw in Gold
Orange Briolette Cut Earrings 35.2 ctw in 9ct Gold
Green Briolette Cut Chalcedony Earrings 34 ctw in Gold
Green Briolette Cut Earrings 34 ctw in 9ct Gold
Blue Briolette Cut Chalcedony Earrings 33 ctw in Gold
Blue Briolette Cut Earrings 33 ctw in 9ct Gold