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Wedding Anniversary Stones – The Complete Guide

THE TRADITION OF EXCHANGING ANNIVERSARY GIFTS originated in the Germanic regions of Central Europe in medieval times. Since then couples all over the world have been celebrating their personal milestones with romantic memorabilia, anniversary stones and other tokens of love. 

For years, stone infused jewellery has been a go-to choice of gift for many due to its timeless appeal and ever-lasting beauty. You too can celebrate each year of marriage with a gemstone or metal expertly crafted into exquisite jewellery designs. 

Anniversary Stone Chart : Years 1-10

Celebrate your first year together with gold jewellery. Opt for gold with your partner’s birthstone for extra sentiment or keep it simple with plain gold. 

A relatively hard stone, garnet jewellery is made to withstand time. Found in a range of colours but most commonly known as a fiery red gemstone, garnet is the classic choice for both designers and wearers.

These beautiful, luminescent products of nature are available in pale pinks, whimsical whites and bijoux blacks. A timeless gem, pearls have been set into a selection of classic and contemporary jewellery designs.

Boasting brilliant blues, topaz is commonly known by the two major types; London blue and Swiss blue. Historically associated with love and affection, blue topaz is perfect for an anniversary gift.

This royal blue precious gemstone is used to celebrate not one but two anniversary milestones. Traditionally gifted to symbolise sincerity and faithfulness, sapphire’s have been set into a selection of jewellery designs perfect for anniversaries. 

A violet variety of quartz, this gemstone is best known for its popular purple colour. Beautiful set in both white and gold metals, amethyst is an easy stone to buy.

Best known for its hardness, onyx is an extremely solid stone. Typically used in men’s jewellery it offers the wearer a sleek and stylish finish. 

This amazing colour stone not only comes in a range of colours such as green, orange and pink but also as multi-colours for a striking rainbow effect. 

Prized for its bright blue colour, this stone has been used since ancient times. Predominantly used in jewellery, lapis lazuli can also display reflective pieces of gold pyrite.

Nothing says I love you quite like diamonds. Used to celebrate milestone anniversaries, diamonds are given to jubilate a decade of romance. 

Gemstones aren’t the only item traditionally given on wedding anniversaries. Metals and materials such as tin and cotton are also chosen to mark the occasions.

Years 11-20

Boasting vivid blue and green hues, turquoise is a beautiful and colourful gemstone. Best complimented with white metals, turquoise is a lovely refreshing way to start off the next decade of marriage. 

Green in colour, jade is the name given to two stones; nephrite and jadeite. An extremely versatile material, jade can be easily shaped and set into stunning designs. 

Displaying refreshing citric colours, citrine’s orange and yellows shine as bright as the sun. Also known as the success stone, citrine gifts represent the achievement of polishing and perfecting your love.

With its striking displays of colour, opal is an attractive stone that is the perfect piece to mark your 14th anniversary.  

A romantic gemstone, rubies are best known for their rich red colour and incredible lustre. One of the traditional cardinal gems, they are also known as the king of gemstones.

Historically known as “the gem of the sun” due to its source of origin, peridot possesses an olive green colour. Distinguishable by its sharp green hues, this summer stone achieves a rich, contemporary look.

Traditionally, the 17th wedding anniversary is celebrated with the exchange of watches. Some however choose to gift carnelian. This browny-red semi-precious stone looks beautiful set into gold pendants necklaces.

Extremely durable, common chrysoberyl is formed in a variety of light colours from golden-yellows to yellowish-greens and features its iconic cats-eye effect.

Named after the colour of sea water, aquamarine boasts calming blue hues. Readily available, this gemstone is available in a large range of classic and contemporary jewellery designs. 

What better way to celebrate 20 years together than with this luxury stone. With its vivid colour and strong saturation, emerald’s are the most desired green gemstone.

After two decades of marriage and an exquisite collection of anniversary stones, some people choose to wind down the annual celebrations after number 25 and opt for every 5 years instead. 

Years 21-50

A desirable gemstone with strong violet blue hues, lolite is also available in deep blues and greys. Typically untreated, this stone is a sometimes chosen as an alternative to tanzanite. 

This synthetic gem is sometimes mistaken for ruby and is available in red, pink, orange, purple and blue. Opt for red or pink to celebrate your 22nd wedding anniversary and make it even more romantic.

A highly valued member of the topaz family, imperial topaz boasts strong fiery red and orange hues. Still a prized possession, this gem makes for a regal gift for your loved one. 

An exotic gemstone displaying unique violet-to-blue hues, tanzanite is a rare sought after stone. Its rarity and uniqueness make this a perfect jewel to celebrate your one-of-a-kind relationship.

Celebrate your silver jubilee with silver and tsavorite. Gift beautiful silver or white gold jewellery or choose luscious green tsavorite for something with more colour.

The beauty of your relationship should be celebrated with the ever-lasting pearl. Commemorate your union with freshwater pearl jewellery, perfect for a pearl jubilee. 

Also used to celebrate the 35th and 55th wedding anniversaries, colourful emerald is a wonderful gift for your spouse.

Ruby’s romantic appeal makes it perfect for celebrating four decades of marriage. With your love still burning bright like a ruby, this gem is a must for this landmark anniversary.

You’ve made it to 45 years which means your marriage is as strong as sapphire! There is no better way to mark this occasion than with stunning sapphire jewellery

An incredible milestone calls for an incredible gift. Celebrate your golden anniversary and half a century together with gorgeous gold. Symbolic of wealth and prosperity, gold gifts are perfect for celebrating the wealth of love and happiness found in your relationship.

Anniversary Jewellery

Whilst it can be daunting choosing what anniversary gift to buy, jewellery will always be the ultimate heart warmer. Browse through the stunning selection of anniversary jewellery and find stylish symbols of love.

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Sapphire Pear Drop Pendant Necklace in 9ct White Gold - £365
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