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Ways to Boost Your Mood this Autumn

In a study by The Weather Channel and YouGov, it found that 29% of adults experienced symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the Autumn and Winter months. Symptoms of this common condition include; low energy levels, anxiety and low self-esteem, which can make the colder months feel unbearable for some.

In a season were the days are shorter, the weather is colder and it can often feel difficult to stay motivated, we’ve put together our top ways to boost your mood this Autumn, so you’ll survive the colder seasons feeling your best.

Stay Active

It can be difficult to get the motivation to stay active, particularly when your morning run or evening gym class may involve fighting through the cold and dark weather, but it is more important than ever to enjoy regular exercise during Autumn/Winter. 

There are simple ways to change your routine to keep active, why not enjoy a home workout so you can keep fit from the comfort of your own home? Make plans with friends to attend classes at your local gym or even enjoy a brisk walk and take in the Autumn leaves.

Enjoy Autumn Style

Get creative with your Autumn wardrobe and enjoy layering your favourite pieces for a completely new look. For inspiration, take a look at our post on necklaces perfect for Autumn layering for some seasonal style inspiration.

Make the Most of the Season

There are plenty of great things to enjoy during the Autumn months which can help to boost your mood. Enjoy a festive hot drink and enjoy the simple pleasures that Autumn has to offer. 

Eat Well

Get your slowcooker out and prepare nutritious meals to keep you healthy and warmed during Autumn. Comfort food needn’t be unhealthy, enjoy a heart broth or filling stew to keep you going. 

Spend Time Outdoors

If taking in the beautiful colours of the Autumn leaves isn’t enough to encourage you to venture outside, new findings from the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Forestry England suggest that visiting forests can boost your social, physical and mental health. Head out with your other half, or take the dog for a walk to your local national park to reconnect with nature and enjoy a mood boost.