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Jewellery Storage Solutions: 5 Ways To Properly Store Your Jewellery

As people all around the world continue to adorn their ears, wrists and necklines with precious jewels, it’s no surprise to see an increase in demand for jewellery storage solutions. Today, keeping jewellery safe and well organised can be done more easily with the help of clever jewellery organisers. Long gone are the days of losing an earring or its back, or blowing the cobwebs off your beloved diamond necklace. Now, there’s a whole range of storage options available in a selection of stylish and versatile designs, that are perfect for protecting your fine jewellery. 

Top 5 Jewellery Storage Solutions

1. Classic Jewellery Box

Best Jewellery Storage Solutions - Jewellery Roll
Stackers Jewellery Box - £60

The ultimate jewellery organiser. As your jewellery collection grows, so does your jewellery box. With a large variety of compartments, this stackers jewellery box helps with de-cluttering and organising your jewellery. Not only that, the luxury materials used provides a cushioned support. Perfect for protecting your jewellery from scratches. Build your own stack by buying individual layers or choose a ready made set. 

2. Jewellery Stand

Best Jewellery Storage Solutions - Jewellery Stand
Yamazaki Tosca Accessory Tree - £25

An inexpensive stylish alternative to jewellery boxes, jewellery stands make for a brilliant display. One advantage of choosing this storage option is being able to view your jewellery collection in its entirety. Opt for a jewellery stand with an added trinket dish like this Yamazaki Tosca Accessory Tree for added functionality. 

3. Trinket Dish

Best Jewellery Storage Solutions - Trinket Dish
By The Moon Design Trinket Dish - £14

Organise smaller pieces of jewellery such as earrings and rings with a trinket dish. Available in a whole range of shapes, designs and sizes, this multi-purpose storage solution can be used for jewellery, vintage brooches and more. Perfect for quick access to everyday jewellery, these lightweight dishes can also be easily moved around. 

4. Storage Cone

Stackers Jewellery Cone - £10

Stack your rings on and off your finger with this Stackers jewellery cone. A small yet stylish storage idea that is made for rings and bracelets. Jewellery cones also makes a great addition to your trinket dish and also works well as an ornamental piece to decorate your room with. Their small size also makes them ideal for squeezing onto your desk or side table without it looking overcluttered or out of place. 

5. Jewellery Roll

Best Jewellery Storage Solutions - Jewellery Roll
The Alkemistry Jewellery Roll - £125

The perfect companion for when you are on the go. Jewellery rolls are typically made from soft materials to protect your precious metals and gemstones from scratches. Extremely compactable, this storage solution is perfect for when you are short on space. Most rolls come fully complete with multiple compartments, like this Alkemistry jewellery roll, to help prevent your jewellery from getting tangled. 

No matter how big or small the jewellery collection, your jewellery now deserves the same love and care that craftsmen first gave it. Invest in a jewellery organiser that best suits your needs and give your favourite items a forever home.