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This Season’s Finest | Autumn

THE AIR COOLS as the night stretches its long shadowed fingers and tightens its hold on our day. For some time it seems dreary, as though we should lament the end of summer. But then a particular morning comes when the pale sunrise hits crisp, misty forests and the otherworldly canopies of rusted leaves shine with shades of red, orange and deep magenta. Suddenly it’s time to wrap up and get outside before the icy grip of winter compels you back to your fireside. At QP we just love the rich colours and transformations that are manifest on the approach to winters doorstep. With this in mind we’ve selected our five favourite pieces that reflect the autumnal spirit.


Sapphire is the birthstone for the start of autumn. The piece we’ve chosen, this leafy Vine Necklace, is perfectly suited to align its wearer with the surrounding natural beauty. It features a rich sapphire that hangs on a dainty hook like a ripe fruit, waiting to fall. The design also reminded us of a bead of dew hanging from the tip of a leaf. Suffice it to say that both images were irresistible.


This exquisite Gold Heart Necklace with 1.15ct Peridot Pendant features another of autumn’s birthstones, hanging from a gold rope chain with spring clasp. The verdant, heart-cut stone has been faceted to effuse a vivid mosaic seemingly pieced together with shards of light of varying hues. The pastel forest lustre and detailed colouration evokes a sunlit forest canopy just as the leaves are about to turn.

Perhaps our favourite piece from the autumn selection, this intense Gold Pear Drop Necklace features a rich Citrine rounded like a preternatural beetle casing. Three natural citrines are used to create the ornate design, with an intricate gold box chain to boot. The various facets create fleeting arcs of reddish light that mingle with the deeper orange flames.


The many colours of the changing foliage are captured in these rose-gold, handcrafted Opal Chandelier Earrings. The pear-cut opals hold a faint, fiery glow that we think is reminiscent of a cold yet clear autumn sunset. There are also twin diamonds neatly incorporated into the innovative golden links.


We thought twice about including another citrine piece in this refined selection. Yet no other stone is so reminiscent of those burning golden hues that make autumn so memorable. In the end we went with this Gold Pear Drop Necklace, which features a unique citrine pendant, dangled like the last, golden leaf hanging from the thread of a twig.