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The Industry Tomorrow | Delivery by Drone

Often technological breakthroughs will be derivative and thereby predicated upon previous inventions, both abstract and concrete, which serve to change our perception of what the human can achieve. For example, the Space Age was preceded by a plethora of literature and artwork that helped to generate public interest and inspire everyone involved. The people alive at the time had surely seen or read about the experience of walking on another planet way before Mr Armstrong plonked his clunking boot in the moon-dust.

In short, it looks like we’re all just big kids trying to enter our dreams and live out youthful fantasies. It might sound like we’re going off on a tangent here (we probably are), but we thought it was interesting how art and science are commonly interlinked. It also evokes some interesting ideas when you use such artistic speculation to predict the future of e-commerce. Read Isaac Asimov and you’ll surely think that robots will someday walk through large crowds, disguised as humans, carrying our bags back from the supermarket. Watch a Stanley Kubrick film and, well, there’s no telling what you’ll wind up imagining. Then, if you then relate these visions to the future of jewellery e-commerce, you’ll likely picture emotionless androids turning up at your door with gift-wrapped boxes. If that sounds slightly off-putting you can rest safe in the knowledge that we’re a long way from hiring delivery androids. That isn’t to say scientists are falling way behind science fiction, though, or that a technological breakthrough is somehow overdue. In fact, Distinctive Gold Jewellery has recently bridged the gap between science fact and science fiction. Pioneering automated delivery, they flew a little drone over Illinois, delivering an airborne watch to a couple for their anniversary –

If you don’t believe us you can find the evidence below: http://bit.ly/1NRrUrW