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On The Streets at Stockholm Fashion Week

STOCKHOLM. Some know it as the home of the Swedish warship called the Vasa. However, more people have probably heard of it because it’s also the style hub for the Nordic portion of the fashion world.

It’s a cosmopolitan city scattered across fourteen islands that bridge the mouth of Lake Mäleren. Today it is a prospering artistic city with a Venetian feel and laid-back approach to everyday living. If you love the vibrant artistry of fashion then this is the destination for you.

If you’re wondering when to visit, remember that Stockholm Fashion Week occurs just twice a year. This is your only chance to catch the best in street chic outfits. The moment the stylish Scandi-fiesta is underway you’ll be privy to a plethora of cool attendees, lighting up the streets as the week unfolds. This is one of the best ways to get to the heart of the Swedish capital, beating the SS17 coverage and snatching the latest hot trends before they’re featured in Vogue. In the past, these events were limited to Paris, New York, London and Milan. Fortunately, Stockholm now offers fashion enthusiasts a biannual showcase, replete with high-end designers, like House of Dagmar or Greta Gram, who unveil everything from bold, absurdist creations to sleek, minimalist twists on old favourites.

The opening show was actually the revived graduation show from The Swedish School of Textiles. This was a chance for the designers to show off a variety of discreet and subtly nuanced designs, exploring everything from wilder, heavier arrangements, as was evidenced by Ella Josefin Larsson’s Exquisite Corpse collection, to more intricate creations, as we saw with Evelin Kago’s multi-layered designs, inspired by Stephen Sprouse. Our favourite outfit arrived courtesy of fun-loving Julia Ragnarsson, which was part of the Who Are U Wearing? collection with simple sink dresses bearing eye-catching fused prints of Angelina Jolie’s slit-to-here Oscar gown and Jennifer Lopez’s Versace frock.

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L’Homme Rouge was a brand that launched in 2010 on behalf of four friends from Gothenburg. This was their first outing and they seized it by championing an understated, modest aesthetic. Then there was Ida Klamborn, a ballsy Swedish designer, who unleashed her Spring/Summer collection, inspired by the myriad ways women are transformed into subjects, namely within the porn genre. Her work focuses on the ingenuity it takes to change perspectives. It’s a subtle collection styled with terry cloth fabrics, patterned detailing and bold sexual  imagery. In terms of the models who brought it to life, they hit walk catwalk with smoky, smudged eyes ringed with blue glitter, casual make-up and wet, messy hair. It was an edgy celebration of natural beauty and, which is more, they were all street cast models.

We couldn’t finish this blog without mentioning how Whyred Man, one of Stockholm’s most popular labels, handed attendants  earplugs and cocktails as they entered the show, which was held inside a cool club in the Storehof complex. Backing music was provided by an all-girls indie band called Moon City Boys, reflecting the variety of underground styles, including mod, rock, chic and punk. When the designer, Jonas Bladmo, talked about the thinking behind the collection, he hit a lyrical rhythm and paraphrased the great American writer, Hunter S. Thompson:

“…my inspiration for this season is much like a savage journey to the heart of the American dream in the 1960’s.”