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Secret Woods | A World In Resin

You’re looking at one of jewellery’s inadvertent secrets, the creations of home-spun boutique, Secret Woods – owners of the most captivating Instagram collections we’ve seen in a long while

Under the popular saying once coined by Roald Dahl – that is ‘Believe in Magic’ – Secret Wood have discovered a distinct aesthetic and a means of creating jewellery that sets them apart from other artisans of that ilk. What’s different is that these little masterpieces are hand-crafted in Canada using a natural mixture of beeswax, resin and wood, hewn in the surrounding forests. Secret Woods are now starting to draw an avid crowd with the mysterious effects their ingredients create, allowing these handmade pieces to put Vancouver on the map. It’s safe to say we’ve never seen anything like this. Both affordable and chic, these mysterious treasure displayed entwined whorls and spatters of illuminated colour, ensuring that your ring will always be yours.

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Pictured above you’ll find one of the recent revelations, it’s called Waltz of the Winds, perhaps because it enlivens blue skies with sweeping brushstrokes of vapour-thin clouds, bringing each finished ring to life with subtle permutations that mirror the fleeting artistry of nature. Lots of people say that these rings contain whole worlds, or images of natural phenomena, frozen over the polished sapele wood, encased in light blue jewellery resin. We love the white swirls that beautify this handmade piece, crafted to be unique with skilfully-wrought resin that doubles as the canvas for sinuous works of art. Each one takes roughly 5-6 weeks to make, using a ring of your choice, after which the piece is shipped worldwide.