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The Queen with her signature pearl necklace and brooch.

7 Jewellery Looks for the Platinum Jubilee

Our Guide to Platinum Jubilee Jewellery

This year, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II becomes the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years on the throne. In honour of this occasion, we’ve launched our Jubilee Collection. Featuring gemstones and precious metals fit for a queen, these Platinum Jubilee jewellery pieces are perfect for a garden get-together, street party or big Jubilee lunch. For inspiration on how to mark this 70-year milestone, we’ve put together seven of our favourite jewellery looks from our Jubilee Collection. So whether you’re enjoying a strawberry jam scone, putting up the bunting or slicing that Victoria sponge, you can celebrate the Platinum Jubilee and long weekend in style.


Platinum Jubilee Jewellery: The Prince Albert Brooch
Queen Elizabeth II with the Prince Albert Brooch. Photo credit: Getty

Sapphires have been a central feature of the Queen’s jewellery collection throughout her reign. From St Edward’s sapphire to the Stuart sapphire and the Prince Albert Brooch, Elizabeth Windsor has always had a fondness for the deep blue hues of this iconic gemstone. For a Platinum Jubilee jewellery look that says ‘royalty’, why not try this sapphire pendant necklace or this sapphire and diamond ring, both in 9ct white gold?


Platinum Jubilee Jewellery: The Buckingham Palace Throne Room
The Buckingham Palace Throne Room furnished in striking crimson. Photo credit: Royal Collection Trust / Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2020

Red has been a colour associated with the Royals for centuries. Whether it’s the grand interior of the Buckingham Palace throne room or the iconic uniforms of the Queen’s Guard, with the Royal family, crimson is never far away. The Queen’s close relationship with the colour red also shows itself in jewellery. The Burmese Ruby Tiara features an array of deep red rubies, set to resemble the Tudor rose.

For Platinum Jubilee jewellery that displays this royal colour, why not try our ruby heart ring and ruby heart drop earrings?


Platinum Jubilee Jewellery: The Queen in Emerald
The Queen with the Round Cambridge Emerald brooch. Photo credit: Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty.

As well as wearing emerald jewellery throughout her time on the throne and Prince Philip’s close association with wearing ‘Edinburgh green’, the Queen and the Royal family are themselves advocates for being ‘green’. Whether it’s encouraging sustainability or launching the ‘plant a tree for the jubilee’ campaign, preserving nature’s beauty is important to the Windsors.

In honour of the royals’ environmental work and their love for emerald jewellery, why not elevate your garden party look with the deep green hues of these emerald pieces. For more information about the beauty of the May birthstone, click here.

Red, White and Hues

Platinum Jubilee Jewellery: Red, white and blue bunting
Red, white and blue bunting for the Platinum Jubilee. Photo credit: Formicamonkey / Getty.

Nothing quite says ‘Platinum Jubilee’ like red, white and blue. From bunting to face paint, it’s not a British garden party without these three colours. For a glamorous take on this timeless tradition, try these gemstone huggie earrings in 9ct gold. Featuring the colourful hues of ruby, white topaz and sapphire, these earrings are the perfect way to fly the flag in fashion.


Platinum Jubilee Jewellery: The Queen in Pearl
The Queen wearing her iconic pearl necklace. Photo credit: WPA Pool / Getty.

For paired-back prestige, look no further than pearl. Queen Elizabeth has a long history of wearing pearls, with her famous necklace being a signature piece. Due to their unique lustre, beauty and at one point, rarity, for over a thousand years it has been tradition for queens to wear pearl jewellery. To honour this royal tradition, why not add these pearl pieces to your garden party outfit.

Opal Opulence

Platinum Jubilee Jewellery: Australian Opal Spray Brooch
The Queen wearing the Australian Spray brooch. Photo credit: Heathcliff O'Malley - WPA Pool / Getty.

For a gemstone with royal approval, choose opal. The Austalian Opal Spray Brooch has been worn by the Queen for over 75 years and features eye-catching iridescent hues. For a Platinum Jubilee jewellery piece to go with your scone, try these timeless opal pieces. For more information about October’s unique birthstone, click here.

Regal Purple

Platinum Jubilee Jewellery: The Elizabeth Line
Her Majesty The Queen opening the Elizabeth Line. Photo credit: royal.uk/opening-elizabeth-line

As well as being the Pantone Colour of the Year 2022, purple has long been associated with royalty. The iconic Imperial State Crown features a purple velvet cap and the Queen loves wearing vibrant purple outfits for special occasions. In keeping with this theme, the new Crossrail line connecting Reading and Essex with central London has been named the ‘Elizabeth Line’. Celebrating the Platinum Jubilee, the Elizabeth Line reimagines the classic London Underground sign in purple, with its line on the London Tube map also sharing this iconic shade. To mark its opening, multiple locations around London will also be lit up in purple.

To keep up with this royal tradition, add the purple hues of tanzanite to your jewellery collection this Platinum Jubilee.

Platinum Jubilee Jewellery from the Jubilee Collection

For further garden party jewellery inspiration, shop the Jubilee Collection by QP Jewellers. Perfect for the Platinum Jubilee, the long weekend and summer days.

For our full range of gemstone, gold and sterling silver jewellery, view the complete collection here.


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