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Emma Watson’s Two Minutes of Hope

IN AN INSPIRING SERIES OF INSTAGRAM POSTS, activist and UN Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Watson, shared a recent conversation with Nobel Peace laureate Dr Dennis Mukwege. 

The two minute clip, which Watson described as “two minutes of hope” was a shorter extract from the conversation in association with How to Academy and The New York Times. 

The actor has recently taken a break from our screens, returning this week with the highly anticipated-trailer for the revival of Little Women. Taking time to focus on the empowerment of young women in her role as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, she had some inspiring words of wisdom to share. 

Sharing the clip, Watson wrote:

“Who needs two minutes of hope today? Probably all of us, haha. I’ve put the entirety of my conversation with @drdenismukwege on my IGTV and will be posting my favourite bits here for you all. #Spoiler, Dr Denis Mukwege is my hero.”

In the video she discussed why society must not accept violence against women across the world.

“I see that this room is mostly full of young women, which will mean that almost a third of the people in this room will experience some form of violence, sexual or otherwise, in their lifetime.”

She continued, “I think there’s a sort of strange acceptance as women that not feeling safe, not being completely safe in our societies and our communities is just a fact of life and it’s something we have to accept. That’s just the way of the world. It’s dangerous to be a woman. But I don’t think that we do have to accept that.”

While sharing her thoughts regarding violence against women, Watson finished on a positive tone, highlighting her inspirational message for women today: “And I do think that there are other ways that we could live and be. And beyond that, I think we deserve it, we have to demand it, we have to believe that it’s possible. We have to believe in that world, it can’t be a utopia.”

The talk followed a recent announcement that the activist will be working on a new advice line dedicated to informing women across the UK of their rights when it comes to sexual harrasment in the workplace. As one of the key figures in the UN Women’s campaign HeForShe, it is inspiring to see Watson back in the spotlight fighting for gender equality.

To view the full interview, head to Emma Watson’s Instagram TV.