9 November, 2023

Christmas Gifts for Her: The Ultimate Guide

Buying jewellery for that special someone in your life is a high-stakes activity. Sentimental and highly personal, finding a unique jewellery gift for her requires a lot of thinking: buying the right jewellery is one thing, avoiding the wrong piece is another. From gemstones to precious metals, carat weight to chains, there’s a lot to think about when buying jewellery. To choose a truly unique jewellery gift for her this Christmas, it’s best to consider each of these different aspects before buying. So, to help with this crucial decision, we’ve put together the ultimate guide for buying jewellery for her this Christmas.

Check What Her Jewellery Style Is

Before you begin shopping, the first thing you should consider is style: regardless of its value or how precious the gemstones and metals are if your gift isn’t the sort of piece she’d usually wear, there’s a good chance it’ll stay in her jewellery box. So, before making a rash decision, we recommend looking at her favourite pieces. Like all fashion, jewellery is influenced by trends and tastes throughout the ages. From glamorous vintage designs that are all about statement gemstones to the minimalist chic of contemporary pieces, the world of jewellery is full of contrasts.

Elegant and Delicate

If her style is more modern and minimal, choose pearl. The trend for pearl jewellery is alive and well and our pearl jewellery is all about minimalist design. For a subtle pearl statement, why not choose this Pearl Pendant Necklace 2ct in 9ct White Gold. Alternatively, try these Pearl Stud Earrings 4ctw in 9ct Gold. Sleek and subtle, these earrings are made for those who like their jewellery understated.

Choose the Right Precious Metal

Whether it’s down to personal style, skin tone or a bit of both, when it comes to jewellery people are particular about their precious metals. From classic sterling silver to contemporary rose gold, each metal is distinct – so, it’s important to do your research. Traditionally, skin tone plays an important role in deciding which precious metal to choose. However, like every aspect of jewellery, the ideal metal type comes down to personal preference. The four quintessential precious metals are sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold:

Yellow Gold

Seen as complementing those with neutral, warmer undertones, yellow gold jewellery will give her outfit a radiant glow. Yellow gold pairs best with diamond, sapphire, amethyst and tanzanite.

White Gold

Similar in appearance to silver yet more durable, white gold jewellery complements skin with cooler undertones. The light-toned appearance of white gold elegantly matches every gemstone.

Rose Gold

Favoured by trendsetters, this understated precious metal is said to complement warmer undertones and symbolise love. If she likes her jewellery to have a feminine touch, look no further.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver effortlessly complements skin with cooler undertones. If you’re looking to get her something she can wear every day, a sterling silver piece will make an effortless addition.

Lab Grown Gemstones

Brimming with eye-catching colours and exquisitely distinct, gemstones make for the perfect unique jewellery gift this Christmas. However, in contemporary jewellery, it’s important to consider whether to choose a lab-grown gemstone. Lab-grown gemstones are physically and chemically identical to gemstones found in nature. Higher in clarity, lab-grown gemstones offer stunning hues at an affordable price with a reduced environmental impact. In the world of jewellery, lab-grown gemstones continue to grow in popularity. Offering stunning lab-grown alexandrite and emerald pieces, to browse our lab-grown collection, click below.

Make it Personal

It’s easy to buy any old fancy jewellery piece: with a wide range of gemstones and metals, there’s no shortage of glamorous jewellery. However, for a Christmas gift that she’ll always remember, make it personal. Birthstone jewellery is the perfect way to give a personal gift this Christmas. Each month in the world of jewellery has ascribed a unique gemstone (called ‘birthstone’): from garnet in January to December’s tanzanite.
Buying jewellery for the special woman in your life requires a lot of thought. With gemstones, precious metals, ring size and her style to consider, finding the perfect piece can be less than straightforward. However, with the steps outlined above, you’ll be ready to find that glamorous, personal piece that she can cherish forever.

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