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Diamond ring crafted in white gold.

Diamond – The April Birthstone

The History of Diamond

Formed over 3 billion years ago, deep within the earths crusts. Diamonds are created when intense heat; 900-1300 degree Celsius, and intense pressure; 45-60 kilobars, causes carbon atoms to crystallise. The diamonds are then released through magma during deep source volcanic-eruptions, forcing the April birthstone to the earths surface. Diamond deposits where first located in India in the 1700’s however India’s diamond supplies soon began to decline. Not long after, diamonds where discovered in Brazil and 150 years later, in South Africa, leading to the value of diamonds to decline as the gemstone became more widely available. 

Found over 3 billion years ago, diamonds originate deep within the earths upper mantle.

Since the 1950’s, lab created diamonds have dominated the market thanks to the ability to replicate the intense heat and pressure that naturally occurs in the earths upper mantle in laboratories. Produced primarily in China and the US, this dazzling jewel is now readily available and as a result is commonly used in a wide range of jewellery settings.

Blue Diamond. Credit: Canva
Boron trapped in the crystals structure turn diamonds blue.

Typically known as a white or colourless gemstone, diamonds can also be found and created in other colours such as blue and yellow. The largest known deep blue diamond named ‘Hope Diamond‘ currently resides in the Natural Museum of Natural History. Weighing 45.52 carats, this boasting blue gemstone has belonged to several prestigious owners before being donated by it’s last owner Harry Winston. 

What Do Diamonds Symbolise?

April Birthstone Diamond

For centuries, diamonds have been widely known as the universal symbol of eternal love and commitment. The April birthstone often receives an abundance of attention and dominates other precious stones when it comes to eternal love. The Greeks, whom first gave this jewel its name, believed that the fire in diamonds reflect the constant flame of love.

It wasn’t until 1477 that diamonds were used in engagement rings when the Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy upon their engagement. Today an estimated 78 percent of all engagement rings sold are diamond. 

Diamond April Birthstone Jewellery

The birthstone of April, diamonds are an exquisite gift to treat your loved one to. Make it extra personal with a diamond filled initial pendant necklace or keep it small and sentimental with diamond stud earrings. 

Round Cut Diamond Pendant Necklace 0.5 ct in 9ct White Gold
Round Cut Diamond Pendant Necklace 0.5 ct in 9ct White Gold - £740
Diamond Crown Solitaire Ring 0.5 ct in 9ct Gold
Diamond Crown Solitaire Ring 0.5 ct in 9ct Gold
Diamond Letter Initial A Pendant Necklace in 9ct White Gold
Letter Initial A Diamond Pendant Necklace in 9ct White Gold - £355
Diamond Hoop Earrings 0.75 ctw in 9ct White Gold - £739
Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace 0.03 ctw in 9ct Gold - £179
Diamond Stud Earrings 1 ctw in 9ct White Gold
Round Cut Diamond Stud Earrings 1 ctw in 9ct White Gold - £1,299

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