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A Superlative Industry

IN SHORT, you want to feel valued. This is one of the main reasons why the jewellery industry has become so heavily regulated over this last decade. Another is the on-going demand for ethical business and the planting of smaller footprints on our fragile Earth.

One of the processes put in place to avoid the flow of shoddy jewellery into the market is hallmarking. If you’re a respected jewellery retailer in Britain, chances are that your collection is passed through the rigorous testing of the Edinburgh Assay Office. This grand institution has been offering their definitive hallmark from Edinburgh since 1457. The result is an Assay Assured product that exudes quality and is ready to dazzle avid jewellery customers and aficionados alike.

Of course there are countless examples of malpractice that sully the reputable jewellery industry, revealing the potential volatility that haunts its steps. Fraudulent activities, like the distribution of fake Amber with large disc shapes, have placed particular emphasis on the importance of regulative systems. At the same time there has been growing momentum coming from the opposite direction. Take Tiffany & Co., for example, championed a campaign to rapidly increase their sustainability by way of acknowledging that nature was not only a source of inspiration for their designers, but also the source of all those precious materials that comprised their jewellery. Life and form is the essence of high quality jewellery and, which is more, both are acquired directly from the natural world. The key, as Tiffany suggested, is to have minimal impact, whilst also protecting and preserving our planet.

QP Jewellers are also dedicated to refining the mining, processing and crafting process, so as to ensure that all of our precious materials are cultivated to meet high standards. We join a number of leading companies who embrace the ethical responsibility of creating and selling bespoke jewellery. Every stage of the journey offers an opportunity to make a positive change, from planting trees to conceal the remains of an open pit mines to avoiding conflict diamonds and the yields of violent militias. Fortunately this is the way the industry is headed, towards greater sustainability and more ethical practices. In order to oversee this transformation a number of regulatory UK bodies were formed, including the BJA (British Jewellers’ Association) and NAG (The National Association of Goldsmiths,) who recently combined forces to become the prestigious NAJ (National Association of Jewellers.) In recent years the NAJ has supported the lavish UK Jewellery Awards in order to commend those leading retailers whose approach gives testimony to the increasingly rise in quality and ethical business. We are very proud to have been shortlisted as part of this awards ceremony for 2016. We couldn’t have done it without you, our loyal following – so thank you kindly for your support.