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£27m Expected At Auction For This ‘Unique Pink Diamond’

WE ALL LOVE a good gemstone discovery, especially when the find comes out newly cut and sparkly with an impressive carat weight. What’s even better, though, is when a newly discovered gemstone breaks a record, like this stunning, vivid Pink Diamond, expected to fetch a staggering £27m at Sotheby’s upcoming auction. Unveiled in London on Tuesday April 5th, this 15.38ct ‘Unique Pink’ specimen is the largest pear-shaped Pink Diamond to ever grace an auction. It’s no wonder the hammer could fall at anything up to £27m, especially when you take into account the fact it was awarded the highest possible colour grading by the Gemological Institute of America, as well as being Type 11a with an ‘exceedingly pure structure’.

When asked to comment on this exceptional late entrant, Sothebys responded by saying:

“The stone’s exquisite pear shape and brilliant cut accentuate its saturation, placing it in a rarefied category even among the world’s most beautiful diamonds.”

Sotheby’s chairman, David Bennett, has already characterised this fresh cut as a paragon of the term ‘Vivid Pink’. Needless to say this unique Pink Diamond will be the crowning jewel of their Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels auction, scheduled to take place in peaceful Geneva on May 17th. Of course ‘The Unique Pink’ is now being heralded as the star lot, with the combined allure of its much-coveted pink body colour and hefty 15.38ct weight, not to mention its unmatched clarity and nigh perfect structure.

You can take a closer by watching this short pre-auction video, courtesy of Sothebys.