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Winter Ends With A Royal Escape

It’s not often that we get to see the royal family in their quieter moments, when the cloud of paparazzi has cleared and the crowns and medals are finally off. That’s why we love it when portraits surface that show their human side. If you’re like us then you’re in for a treat because, their use of the royal photographer notwithstanding, this was a surprisingly candid collection…

If you were a prince or princess you’d need somewhere more discrete than your local tourist resort to disappear. Where better to escape to, when the world is watching, than the snow-crested peaks of the French Alps? That’s where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went for their first full family holiday, along with rosy-cheeked newborn and future princess of blustery blighty, baby Charlotte. Born in May of last year, Princess Charlotte was looking especially adorable in her all white snow-suit, as well as her handsome brother, Prince George, looking much bigger at two years old.

Together the family took six photographs on Wednesday night, all wrapped-up warm with a snowy backdrop. These official portraits were snapped by the Press Association’s royal photographer, John Stillwell, who helped them record Charlotte’s first outing in the snow. Our personal favourite was the snap of a wincing Prince William being pelted by a snowball, courtesy of the beautiful Duchess herself. We only hope those goggles were a silly affectation and not a sign that they’re about to take the little princess on her first skiing run down the steep French mountainside.


A Message From The Palace

The exact location of this winter wonderland remains undisclosed, for obvious reasons. We do know that the royal couple are both avid skiers and have been photographed in the past on the seamless slopes of Austria and Switzerland. That’s about all we know about their getaway so far – let’s just say for now it looks like they had a blast.

“The Duke and Duchess hope people enjoy the photos,” said a spokesman at Kensington Palace, “This was their first holiday as a family of four and the first time either of the children had played in the snow. It was very special and fun short holiday for the family.”


‘Where’s Willy?’

It might not surprise you to learn that this royal escape received a frosty reception from several hawk-eyed newspapers. Frustrated by the length of this particular winter break several publications accused the skiing prince of shirking his royal duties. In fact the typically brazen Sun whipped-out the bold print and demanded: ‘Where’s Willy?’

Well, the answer has finally arrived. He’s been in the French Alps with his children and wife. Perhaps it’s evidence that he’s reluctant to embrace the rather old fashioned implications of his lineage. Maybe you could even shout about his neglected ninety-year-old grandmother, the regal Queenie herself. But we tend to see a man cruising down the slopes of his responsibilities as future king, air ambulance pilot and loving father – and, which is more, he seems to be doing a fine job.



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