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Tiffany & Co. Blue Book | The Art of Transformation, 2016

The famous Tiffany Blue Book collections have recently seen a vibrant change in aesthetic courtesy of the exciting new Design Director, Francesca Amfitheatrof.

Armed with a fresh perspective, Amfitheatrof has delved deep into the back catalogues of art nouveau design, withdrawing an abundance of inspiration, as was evidenced by last year’s Art of the Sea Collection. This time around, though, the Blue Book is being given another push deeper into Amfitheatrof’s dreamscape. Looking back on 179 years of refined glamour and elegance, the designs seem even more carefully honed and effortlessly unique. So treasured and exclusive are these finished pieces that they were displayed for only a brief period at the opulent Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong.

The thinking behind this collection is centred on the art of transformation, like the infant butterfly unfurling from its chrysalis, these forms attempt to mimic the natural motion that surrounds us. It also seems as though Tiffany’s has set out with the intention of designing jewellery that reflects the inexplicable perfection of nature, using careful arrangements of diamonds and other gemstones to beautify the wild.

“As a designer,” said Amfitheatrof, “I am constantly exploring the natural world – the source of all beauty and artistic inspiration. When I work with diamonds and gemstones, I feel in touch and in harmony with nature’s incredibly beautiful shapes and patterns.”

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Just take one look at this White Diamond Fern Cuff (pictured above) and you’ll surely see how most of these statement designs were made to be cherished. Expect to see a graceful array of bracelets, necklaces and earrings, continuing the standard that a girl should always be spoilt for choice when the new Blue Book is released. You can rest assured that the long heritage of Tiffany & Co. is being well looked after. This is still the same iconic brand that draws crowds up against sheets of glass on Fifth Avenue in New York. It’s the same caring company that delivers their jewellery in coveted gift boxes of the robin egg blue variety, each tied with threads of white ribbon. The only thing that’s changed, really, is the individual pieces in their annual Blue Book celebration.

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One of our favourite pieces from this year’s Blue Book is the Yellow Sapphire Tides Pendant (pictured above). We think this domical design shows how full of variety the showcase was. The Blue Book has always been an opportunity for the house to show their steadfast dedication to keeping the craft alive. That’s why they incorporate so many surprising arrangements of hand-picked gemstones in all kinds of vivid hues. Many of the finished pieces can only be viewed by appointment and so they are left readily available to only Tiffany’s most devoted clientele. Surely they’ll be happy to see that the same motifs used in the last water-themed Blue Book are returning for ‘The Art of Transformation’.

“In this collection we are taking you on a journey through nature,” Amfitheatrof went on, “From the deep ocean we float to the edge of the water, where stillness reigns. In this world, cocooned in calm, transformation occurs.”

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Finally, we wanted to share this Tanzanite Dome Ring (pictured above), enriched by a deep and enigmatic effusion. This is one of the pieces that show the continuation of Tiffany’s oceanic theme. You’ll also see sinuous strands of seaweed, starfish cuffs and Pearl octopuses rounded with Diamonds and blue Sapphires. There’s even a stunning 22.11ct Yellow Sapphire and Diamond design made to mirror the glow of a sun wrapped in silvery whorls of cloud, as well as a plethora of different round, pear-cut, emerald-cut, oval, marquise and square-cut Diamonds, arranged to convey the movement of water. In the end, what this year’s Blue Book has done for Tiffany’s is affirm their reputation as the foremost Diamond artisans in the world of wearable art.

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