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The Moby Dick Opal

The Moby Dick Opal »

23 Mar, 2016
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For this latest discovery we’re going to be travelling to the Royal Peacock Opal Mine situated in the arid climes of Northwest Nevada.

The Virgin Rainbow

The Virgin Rainbow »

8 Feb, 2016
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Here’s a finding that’s sure to catch an eye or two. The press are calling it the ‘finest opal ever unearthed’, currently being displayed on Adelaide’s cultural boulevard in the South Australian Museum.

The Journey of a Diamond Ring | Mining

The Journey of a Diamond Ring | Mining »

20 Jan, 2016
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Sometimes it’s hard to think that a beautiful piece of jewellery was once nothing but a string of leaden lines on a white page. Nevertheless each finished piece can be traced back to a preliminary sketch drawn in accordance with either the recipient’s or the designer’s specifications.