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Alien Ring Found On Mars

Alien Ring Found On Mars »

1 Apr, 2016
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Is this the final proof we needed? In an unbelievable turn of events NASA’s Curiosity Rover has uncovered what appears to be an alien ring half-buried in a mound of fine regolith at the foot of the Olympus Mons Crater on – wait for it… Mars!

Celestial Stones

Celestial Stones »

29 Jan, 2016
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Why do we love jewellery? It’s not something that we necessarily need in terms of our everyday lives. We can’t cut up a diamond and start eating the fragments, nor can we walk down to the shops with our pockets full of crumbled pearls and expect to buy groceries. So what is the appeal then?

October’s Opal Could Prove Life on Mars

October’s Opal Could Prove Life on Mars »

18 Jan, 2016
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For time immemorial generations have looked up into the night sky and been subdued by the stars; captivated as they were ushered in alongside their ancestors, to sit in the ‘perfect silence’ that Walt Whitman once described.