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Designer | Ara Vartanian

Designer | Ara Vartanian »

4 Jul, 2016
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Ara Vartanian has the kind of pleasingly linear and apt backstory that makes biographers blush. Raised in a family of artists he learnt his craft first-hand and was inured to the rigorous discipline of an artist from an early age.

Designer | Jessica McCormack

Designer | Jessica McCormack »

8 Jan, 2016
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This week we’ve been trawling through an array of fresh creations in an attempt to single out our favourite new jewellery designer. After much deliberation and several vats of coffee we can finally say we’ve tracked her down and it’s safe to say she’s worth the arduous search.

Our Favourite Designers of 2015

Our Favourite Designers of 2015 »

17 Dec, 2015
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Last year we saw a number of artisans who exhibited their unique pieces and individual flair for jewellery design. Throughout the year we’ve shared a lot of this wave of new designs, inspired by a range of aesthetic styles, from art deco to art nouveau.