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Home of the Stone

Home of the Stone »

15 Feb, 2016
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Take a trip across our marvellous blue planet and discover the origins of our gemstones and precious metals.

From Shells To Precious Stones | The History of Wearable Art (Part One)

From Shells To Precious Stones | The History of Wearable Art (Part One) »

13 Feb, 2016
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Ever since the industrial revolution and the consequent advances in technology we’ve seemed to embrace a new kind of rapid urbanisation. In doing so we’ve continuously distanced ourselves from the natural world and the rest of the animal kingdom, including our distant, less-evolved ancestors.

Our Birthday Gift Ideas

Our Birthday Gift Ideas »

9 Feb, 2016
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At QP we believe that growing older doesn’t have to mean leaving your birthdays behind. We also think that every birthday should be memorable. However it can be hard to predict what your loved one will want for those special milestones...

Celestial Stones

Celestial Stones »

29 Jan, 2016
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Why do we love jewellery? It’s not something that we necessarily need in terms of our everyday lives. We can’t cut up a diamond and start eating the fragments, nor can we walk down to the shops with our pockets full of crumbled pearls and expect to buy groceries. So what is the appeal then?

Rough Stones on the Rise

Rough Stones on the Rise »

21 Jan, 2016
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When most people think of jewellery it’s the polished finishes and smooth cuts that come to mind. There seems to be a tendency in the industry to favour proven techniques and overlook rough stone designs. We thought we’d take a look at a collection of rough stones to see why that is...