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Designer | MIRTA

Designer | MIRTA »

25 Nov, 2016
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MIRTA is a cutting-edge jewellery designer inspired by the refined principles of architectural design and the traditional techniques of silversmithing. 

Secret Wood | A World In Resin

Secret Wood | A World In Resin »

12 Aug, 2016
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You're looking at one of jewellery's inadvertent secrets, the creations of home-spun boutique, Secret Wood - owners of the most captivating Instagram collections we’ve seen in a long while.

Model of the Decade | Doutzen Kroes

Model of the Decade | Doutzen Kroes »

8 Aug, 2016
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There aren’t many style icons as uniquely captivating as the model turned actress, Doutzen Kroes. Born in the rural Dutch village of Eastermar, Kroes grew up with dreams of being a speed skater. She spent most of her time outdoors, enjoying a rustic upbringing and a healthy Frisian lifestyle.

Designer | Theodor Fahrner

Designer | Theodor Fahrner »

25 Jul, 2016
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Perhaps best known for inspiring a bold strand of Art Deco design, Theodor Fahrner is still celebrated today as one of the most successful European costume jewellery designers of the early 20th Century.

Designer | Rene Lalique

Designer | Rene Lalique »

12 Feb, 2016
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Rene Lalique is one of those rare artists of such extraordinary vision that he was able to see what future jewellery lovers would be interested in. His distinctive art nouveau designs have survived for many reasons, but perhaps the most significant is the fact they convey the sheer genius of their maker.

Designer | Alex Monroe…

Designer | Alex Monroe… »

27 Jan, 2016
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We explore three different styles of antique jewellery and track down where to find them.

Designer | Amanda Marcucci

Designer | Amanda Marcucci »

1 Jan, 2016
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Born in the bustling Italian city of Genoa, Amanda Marcucci seems to be the quintessential bohemian – creative, free-spirited and uninhibited.