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Designer Launches Game of Thrones Jewellery Collection

Designer Launches Game of Thrones Jewellery Collection »

4 Oct, 2016
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If you're playing the Game of Thrones and running the Westeros gauntlet, you have to dress to impress. Hence why so many aspiring kings and queens are either armoured to the nines or sensually draped in their softest and most luxurious finery.

Designer | Ara Vartanian

Designer | Ara Vartanian »

4 Jul, 2016
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Ara Vartanian has the kind of pleasingly linear and apt backstory that makes biographers blush. Raised in a family of artists he learnt his craft first-hand and was inured to the rigorous discipline of an artist from an early age.

Designer | Leila Kashanipour

Designer | Leila Kashanipour »

31 May, 2016
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We just love it when jewellery sold in Britain still retains the mark of a designer’s heritage, especially if they’re from somewhere exotic.

Designer | Rene Lalique

Designer | Rene Lalique »

12 Feb, 2016
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Rene Lalique is one of those rare artists of such extraordinary vision that he was able to see what future jewellery lovers would be interested in. His distinctive art nouveau designs have survived for many reasons, but perhaps the most significant is the fact they convey the sheer genius of their maker.

Designer | Arline Fisch

Designer | Arline Fisch »

1 Feb, 2016
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Born in New York City, Arline Fisch is, first and foremost, an artist. In fact if you called her a jewelry designer you’d be doing a disservice to her versatility. Her character is reminiscent of the early post-war jewellers who prospered in the United States.

Designer | Ana De Costa

Designer | Ana De Costa »

25 Jan, 2016
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In 2005 Ana De Costa graduated from the public art school of Central St. Martins in London. She came out of school like a comet, bringing a sweeping flair to the world of international jewellery.

Our Favourite Bespoke Rings on Instagram

Our Favourite Bespoke Rings on Instagram »

23 Jan, 2016
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Instagram is a great outlet for designers who want to showcase their latest pieces. We’ve been sifting through endless filtered photographs to discover those distinct pieces that show how modern bespoke jewelry is challenging conventions.

Designer | Jessica McCormack

Designer | Jessica McCormack »

8 Jan, 2016
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This week we’ve been trawling through an array of fresh creations in an attempt to single out our favourite new jewellery designer. After much deliberation and several vats of coffee we can finally say we’ve tracked her down and it’s safe to say she’s worth the arduous search.