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Designer | Theodor Fahrner

Designer | Theodor Fahrner »

25 Jul, 2016
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Perhaps best known for inspiring a bold strand of Art Deco design, Theodor Fahrner is still celebrated today as one of the most successful European costume jewellery designers of the early 20th Century.

Becoming An Expert | Jewellery Hacks

Becoming An Expert | Jewellery Hacks »

1 Mar, 2016
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As beautiful and luxurious as it is jewellery can cause problems for those who choose to wear it. Maybe you’ve found a knot in one of your favourite chains, or you’re trying to slip your bracelet on when there's no one around to help. Fear not, your friends at QP Jewellers have compiled a list of exclusive hacks.

The Journey of a Diamond Ring | Mining

The Journey of a Diamond Ring | Mining »

20 Jan, 2016
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Sometimes it’s hard to think that a beautiful piece of jewellery was once nothing but a string of leaden lines on a white page. Nevertheless each finished piece can be traced back to a preliminary sketch drawn in accordance with either the recipient’s or the designer’s specifications.