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The Season of Ruby

The Season of Ruby »

17 Jun, 2016
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What do you love most about the summer? Is it the long walks? The smell of freshly cut grass? Swimming in water warmed by the sun? Or the barbecues, perhaps? Whatever it is, we've got one more thing you can add to the list - it's July's evocative birthstone: Ruby.

Amethyst | The Birthstone of February

Amethyst | The Birthstone of February »

12 Feb, 2016
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The birthstone Amethyst is typically found in the steamy jungle interiors of South America. It is commonly a deep violet gemstone that has long been associated with wisdom and sobriety.

Our Birthday Gift Ideas

Our Birthday Gift Ideas »

9 Feb, 2016
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At QP we believe that growing older doesn’t have to mean leaving your birthdays behind. We also think that every birthday should be memorable. However it can be hard to predict what your loved one will want for those special milestones...

Citrine and Topaz | The Birthstones of November

Citrine and Topaz | The Birthstones of November »

3 Nov, 2015
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Every year the birthdays of November are celebrated with the twin birthstones Topaz and Citrine. Their fiery glint has gained an association with sun-washed romance and southern hemisphere honeymoons spent far away from the blustery clutches of winter. So what’s the difference between these two November stones and why do they share a month?

Aquamarine | The Birthstone of March

Aquamarine | The Birthstone of March »

17 Mar, 2015
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The birthstone Aquamarine is celebrated for its vivid beauty, possessing an effusion so naturally striking it hits the eye like a luminous pool of water.