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Call of the Waves | Our Favourite Ocean-inspired Jewellery

Call of the Waves | Our Favourite Ocean-inspired Jewellery »

22 Jul, 2016
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There's something about the ocean - the way its rolling wave-song attracts the ear and tumbling shades of mingled grey and blue draws the eye. It's difficult to explain why it can be so evocative... but don't worry, we're not going to stretch to explain it. Instead, we're going to show you our selection of the finest ocean-inspired jewellery money can buy.

QP Summer Collection, 2016

QP Summer Collection, 2016 »

18 Jul, 2016
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Soon school will be out for kids up and down the country. We can rest assured that plenty of raucous celebrations will ensue. Then it'll be time for us all to head outside in our familial bunches to make the most of an Indian Summer (hopefully). First thing's first, though, let's look at some radiant summer jewellery to get us in the mood.

Tiffany’s Blue Book

Tiffany’s Blue Book »

29 Mar, 2016
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We’ve no doubt you’ve heard of Tiffany’s Blue Book Collection before, especially if you’re a fan of their fine luxury jewellery and specific mastery of diamond sourcing and arrangement.

Our Birthday Gift Ideas

Our Birthday Gift Ideas »

9 Feb, 2016
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At QP we believe that growing older doesn’t have to mean leaving your birthdays behind. We also think that every birthday should be memorable. However it can be hard to predict what your loved one will want for those special milestones...

Aquamarine | The Birthstone of March

Aquamarine | The Birthstone of March »

17 Mar, 2015
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The birthstone Aquamarine is celebrated for its vivid beauty, possessing an effusion so naturally striking it hits the eye like a luminous pool of water.