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Pueblo and Navajo Jewellery

Pueblo and Navajo Jewellery »

9 Feb, 2016
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The Native American culture is preserved in the jewellery they skilfully made and scattered amongst their many tribes.

Natives of the Earth

Natives of the Earth »

5 Feb, 2016
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Jewellery reflects the culture from which it originated. The distinctions we notice are reminders of the individual maker; where they were from, what they saw, heard and believed. Their personality is transferred to the shaping of the stone and the invention of each new design.

Designer | Arline Fisch

Designer | Arline Fisch »

1 Feb, 2016
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Born in New York City, Arline Fisch is, first and foremost, an artist. In fact if you called her a jewelry designer you’d be doing a disservice to her versatility. Her character is reminiscent of the early post-war jewellers who prospered in the United States.