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Swimwear Suited For The Rio Olympics

In case you just crept out from underneath a rock, the 2016 Rio Olympics are currently underway and most of the world has joined the Christ the Redeemer statue in his daily city watch.

We‘ve seen Kenyan marathon veteran Jemima Sumgong stealing the show and Usain Bolt living up to his godlike status. Despite the slight disruptions caused by a pool turning green and a Speedo-clad runner making a dash for the high board, we’ve also seen some spectacular acrobatics in the diving competitions. The human-dolphin, Michael Phelps, dominated the swimming –as expected, but it was Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui who got everyone talking with her bold candour. Suffice to say there’s plenty to make you feel motivated.

So, in the spirit of Olympic fever, we thought it would be great to look at some of the best summer finds in sporty swimwear. These chic breakthroughs allow you to show your support for Team GB, whilst also helping you to dazzle onlookers from the sunlit poolside. What’s great about these classic swimsuits is they’re also made for exercise, unlike most of two-pieces you’ll find going up and down the catwalks of recent fashion shows. These outfits might encourage you to hone your physique for the summer season, plucked from the Vogue archives for your viewing pleasure – let’s dive right in:


swimsuit post

A striking, peaceful shot of Kate Upton stretching her perfect curves for a special feature in Vogue Spain’s July issue. This photograph was taken by Miguel Reveriego, capturing the precise stylings of Belén Antolín. Her perfect figure, accentuated by the minimalist setting, served to enhance the aesthetic quality of a range of athletic, one-piece swimwear from the likes of American Apparel, Hervé Léger and Michael Kors.


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One of our favourites – a chic, classic Black One-piece, modelled by Australian-Italian swimwear designer, Nikki de Marchi, (£185). This shot was taken by Patrick Demarchelier.


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Surfing the tow of the international fashion wave, it’s runway phenom, Kendall Jenner, sporting a striped Tory Sport Bikini ($95) with a high-waist bottom $95: www.torysport.com


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