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Quiz | Who’s Been Following Fashion This Summer?

There's been a lot of exciting headlines in the star-studded world of fashion/celebrity this summer. For that reason, we wanted to create a quiz to find out who's been paying attention.

We wanted to steal a moment to take in everything that’s happened this summer in the world of celebrity. Yeah, you guessed it – it’s time for another quiz. This time, we’re going to look back through all the sunlit surprises and controversies that kickstarted machines of gossip around the world. From deplorable click-bait tactics, like Jennifer Aniston receiving the blunt impact of body shaming, to bold celebrations of sexuality, like Cara Delevingne declaring her love for her girlfriend, Annie Clark, in the latest Vogue.

So, we’re challenging all you avid fashionistas, armed with hours spent thumbing through various weekly digests and tabloid papers. It’s time to celebrate the part-time voyeurs from the gossip-hungry worshippers at the altar of TMZ. It’s time to find out ‘Who’s Been Following Fashion This Summer…?’

Simply click this link and begin our graded fashion/celebrity quiz

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