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Our Birthday Gift Ideas

At QP we believe that growing older doesn’t have to mean leaving your birthdays behind. We also think that every birthday should be memorable. However it can be hard to predict what your loved one will want for those special milestones...

Usually choosing jewellery can be an especially precarious business that requires a lot of due care and attention. So we’ve taken some time to aid your discovery of those unique and personal pieces – the ones that will forever remind your loved one of each passing celebration and what they mean to you.


Coming of Age Gifts

The tradition of celebrating your ascension to adulthood is rooted in the rituals of the earliest known human civilisations. Yet this accelerated period of maturity is very fragile. The experiences you have at that age will undoubtedly shape who you become in later life. With this in mind it’s important to always ensure the occasion is preserved as a happy and long-lasting memory. If you choose to buy jewellery it should be a symbolic piece that is imbued with meaning, such as a personalised pendant or any other engravable item. An antique finish is also a nice touch and reminiscent of the timeless tradition the gift represents.

This elegant Aquamarine Key Charm Necklace is a beautiful reminder of the possibilities ahead, whilst also evoking security and stability.


21st Birthdays

They say that you always remember your 21st birthday and if that’s true it’s essential that it be memorable for all the right reasons. It’s a great time to discover a fashionable piece of jewellery that suits your loved ones style. It might be apt to consider the significance of the responsibility that the celebration entails. For example, a key is a popular motif used to symbolise the key to life and the acquisition of independence. If you need help with the variety of designs on offer you can visit the ‘What’s You Style?’ article to hone your search.

Why not start with this colourful twin gemstone (Peridot and Blue Topaz) Heart Necklace?


30th Birthdays

We’re sure you don’t need us to tell you that the Big Three O is a celebration that deserves to be remembered. Upon leaving their 20s your loved one might appreciate a gift that reminds them of their youthful beauty. The quintessential allure of jewellery is a perfect way of achieving that. At QP we offer a wide selection of beautiful gift options from the world’s leading designers.

Take a closer look at this individual White Gold Necklace with Pear Pendant that features a rare and unique design.


40th Birthdays

Everyone knows that 40 is the new 30, right? One way of reminding your loved one to keep that spring in their step is offering them a piece of jewellery that reflects their natural beauty. You can browse our collection and discover a range of sophisticated and unique designs for all kinds of personalities. If you’re looking for something with a story then consider our gemstones, each of which are matched with a description of their history and properties.

We’ve chosen the enchanting aurora effusion of this Oval Necklace with Opal Pendant to help you on your search.


50th Birthdays

At QP we believe that you’re never too old to feel young or to embrace your youth. Many of our pieces convey the free-flowing spirit of Art Nouveau and have been specially chosen to evoke vivacity. Indeed we want your loved one to view their age and achievements with pride. You can also browse a wide selection of timeless gifts that exude consummate class and wisdom.

We just couldn’t resist showing you these dangling Chandelier Diamond Earrings, which are the epitome of grace and elegance.

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