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QP Summer Collection, 2016

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Soon school will be out for kids up and down the country. We can rest assured that plenty of raucous celebrations will ensue. Then it'll be time for us all to head outside in our familial bunches to make the most of an Indian Summer (hopefully). First thing's first, though, let's look at some radiant summer jewellery to get us in the mood.

We know that summer offers the perfect opportunity for you to show off your jewellery, which is why we wanted to select a special collection of items that are beautified by natural light. These are our own personal favourites, arranged as symbols of this sun-kissed season, including July’s popular birthstone: Ruby, as well as a variety of summery motifs and refined designs inspired by Art Nouveau principles.


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Who can deny the luscious body colour of this Ruby and Rose Gold Oval Pendant? We chose this piece because for us it is very evocative and offers a sensual beauty seeming to recall those vibrant summer days, spent with those you love. To take a closer look at this pendant simply click here.


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We couldn’t resist the verdant, forest-green effusion of these subtle 13ct Emerald Oval Studs. These are a must-have for lovers of long walks down wooded pathways, or anyone at all who enjoys the radiance of a sunlit, leafy canopy. You can find out more about these earrings here.


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As far as Art Nouveau-inspired creations go, this has to be one of our most popular items. It’s a smooth Butterfly Peridot Pendant with intricate detailing and a dainty Yellow Gold setting. If this tender little creature has caught your eye then follow this link to find out more.


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Now we’ve taken a walk into the fully-grown summer forests, let’s take a trip to the sun-baked beach and see the colours of the ocean wrapped inside this lucid Diamond, Gold and Aquamarine Heart Ring. With an effusion that looks as pure as a Diamond’s, this piece features a striking cut, which is subtly subdued by the gemstone’s gentle body colour. Why not check it out for yourself?


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Like a ripe fruit dangling from a branch, this Gold and Diamond Vine Necklace is adorned with a Pearl in a gleaming shade of white, unfaded since the moment it was plucked from an oyster’s gaping mouth. You can find out more about this unique piece, and others like it, by clicking here.


So – there you have it. That was a selection of our favourite fine summer jewellery. Now we’d like to know which one you liked the most. Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Gemma says:

    The Diamond Gold and Aquamarine Heart Ring is a definite favourite very delicate and neat.

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