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QP Autumn Collection, 2016

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It’s that time of year again, when the warm slope of summer guides us into the transformative flourishes of autumn...

Soon the forests will all be ablaze with a mixture of reddish and golden hues. Then the air will start to cool and, if we’re lucky, we might get the first gentle smatterings of snowfall. Eventually, the ground will be covered with fallen leaves and we’ll be wrapped up ready for the arrival of winter. By that time, we hope that you’ll have made the most of the best new autumnal jewellery collections – we also thought we’d share a few picks from our own collection, just to get you in the mood.

We chose each of these  pieces for their autumnal body colours and leafy motifs, as well as throwing the odd birthstone in for good measure. We tried to offer you a stylish variety tailored for a range of different tastes. We hope you enjoy our final picks and, as always, if you’d like to let us know which one is your favourite, please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the comments section below.


autumn post 1

Five | Citrine and Garnet Bracelet

This Citrine and Garnet Bracelet wonderfully captures the faint, slightly burnt colour of leaves as they start to change. It’s an adjustable bracelet so it can be adapted for a more luxurious fit, but perhaps the most appealing characteristic, of this particular piece, is the fact it was handcrafted using a wonderful shade of Rose Gold, adding to that overall autumnal aesthetic.


autumn post 2

Four | 3.10ct Peridot Studs

These luminous Peridot Studs, in an almost oxymoronic fashion, are as vivid and eye-catching as they are subtle and modest. One can hardly resist staring into their green effusion, which is reminiscent of the forest canopy before the leaves begin to transform and, eventually, wither. Handcrafted using gleaming 9ct Yellow Gold clasped around a natural 3.1ct Arizona Peridot.

autumn post 3

Three | 5.50ct Emerald Auroral Ring

Our Emerald Auroral Ring is a slightly more sophisticated option, with an elegant Brazilian Emerald pinched in a four-claw cathedral setting. This ring exudes joie de vivre, featuring a delicate frame of Yellow Gold, shaped like branches clinging to their leafy clothes, and that verdant, exquisitely cut centrepiece, boasting no less than a 5.5 carat weight.

autumn post 4

Two | 11.75ct Citrine Pendant

November’s birthstone dangles like a clinging leaf in this 11.75ct Citrine Pendant adorned with a brilliant Brazilian Citrine shaped with a wonderful, twisted Briolette Cut. We especially love the sparing use of Yellow Gold and little Diamonds, which can be so easy to overuse.

autumn post 5

One | Diamond and Ruby Vine Necklace

Finally, we come to our pièce de résistance – the quintessential manifestation of autumn. Yes, we’re talking (rather grandly) about this Diamond and Ruby Vine Necklace. The branches of Yellow Gold snake downwards to a natural pear cut 1.5ct Burmese Ruby, accompanied by leaves of Diamond. This is the ideal gift for your 40th Wedding Anniversary.

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