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Natalie Portman Stuns As Jackie Kennedy

For anyone who saw Natalie Portman's first appearance as Jack Kennedy in the Jackie trailer - we don't want to jump the gun, but did anyone hear the words: Oscar nomination?

The official trailer for the long-awaited and much anticipated Jaqueline Kennedy biopic, Jackie, has just been released and wow did Natalie Portman’s portrayal look uncanny. Now, of course, we’ve only seen a glimpse of what’s to come, but considering this biopic has already been lauded by critics and showered with rave reviews, after its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, it might not be too soon to utter the words: Oscar nomination.

Not only ford Portman possess the natural beauty to embody Jacqueline, the former First Lady, she also has mastered the accent and we know from films like Garden State that she definitely has the acting chops to tackle the drama. Speaking of which, this film will capture the turbulent maelstrom following President Kennedy’s assassination. It looks like a taut thriller, humming with subterfuge and deception, at the centre of which Jackie moves with poise and dignity, bearing the loss of her husband and the extremities of psychology strain, stripped bare before the shuttered public eye. Expect a haunting take on loss, and a stunning wardrobe to boot – not to be too trivial, or anything…

We’ve attached the official trailer below for you to watch – if you haven’t already. It was directed by Pablo Larrain and is scheduled to grace our screens later this Winter.


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