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So Long Straighteners, Curls Are Back

It’s an exciting time for women who're proud of their natural curls - a new wave of products, tailored for unstraightened hair, has just hit the market. So let's bend the rules and embrace those lovely waves.

It’s often the case that we look to the Red Carpet to find the latest chic developments in the world of fashion and beauty. So what’s been turning heads this year? Well, alongside sequined jumpsuits and the usual trailing gowns, we’ve also been witnesses to the return of curls, courtesy of several stunning, Hollywood trendsetters, from the vintage curly updo, modelled above by Scarlett Johansson, to the natural beach look, shown by Kate Hudson below.

Back in 2001, it looked like GHD had closed the crypt over stylish curls with the stone slab of their original straighteners. Ever since then we’ve seen curls being ironed out as though they were blemishes. Wavy lines have been smoothed and a refined kind of perfection has been pushed into the centre of the hair styling arena. Little did we know that sinuous and bouncing hair couldn’t be erased, not even when it was pinched between the 185-degree clamp of GHD’s design. At the moment, we’re seeing more and more women throwing their straighteners into neglected drawers and celebrating their natural subtleties, whilst promoting the importance of unconscious and everyday beauty. ‘Bed-head’ is no longer a dirty word. The only necessity for this recovered trend is extra hydration since this slightly dishevelled style does invite a certain amount of dryness. Fortunately, there are product lines like Redken and Bumble and Bumble, which have both perfected the art of the replenishing hair mask. Not to mention the magic wand of Kérastase’s Discipline Curl Idéal, offering a form of cleansing conditioner that enhances natural oils, leaving hair nourished and full of life.

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It’s never been easier to take advantage of your natural curls. This plethora of affordable styling products has provided easy remedies for those stiff, dry tangles. You can also find an intelligent mixture of creams and gel textures, which are applied gently from root-to-tip, using your finger to twist and shape chosen sections of your hair, for instant definition. It should be noted that you can’t touch your hair throughout the day, once these specific products have been applied, as this will break the curls and lead to unwanted frizz.

When asked to comment on this new trend, esteemed hair stylist George Northwood, who’s worked with a roster of beautiful starlets and models from Cameron Diaz to Rosie Huntington-Whitely, had this to say:

“If you have straightened your hair for years, it will be hard to embrace your curls,” he said, “But there is a real focus on individuality at the moment and I’d recommend trialling it for a week at least.”


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