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Homes & Jewellery Boxes | Beyoncé Knowles

So really this was inevitable – we were always going to end up taking a sneak peek at Beyoncé and Jay Z’s digs.

They’re the couple who sit on the uppermost thrones of popular culture. She, the bodacious beauty, launched from Destiny’s Child to become one of the world’s most influential artists, and he, the platinum-selling super-rapper with more panache and easy charisma than a room full of Matthew McConaugheys. Of course we wanted to see how this kind of style royalty kicked-back after a long day. And it’s not like we were short for choice either, with pristine mansion after pristine mansion and a few hilltop hideaways thrown in for good measure. In the end we chose one of their more understated mansions, located in Beverly Hills, with a pool-cradled view over the sun-beaten cityscape of Los Angeles.

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Embedded in walls of lush foliage, this smooth white mansion matches sharply angled rooms with the smooth curve of its largest living room portion. The levelled infinity pool is replenished with thin fountain streams and surrounded by tiers of marble. There’s no shortage of seating with a collection of sofas and plush chairs arranged on the various balconies. Also, take a look at the encircling floor-to-ceiling windows, providing QueenB with a widespread panoramic view of the city, whether she’s cooking in the kitchen or lounging around in her bedroom.

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Inside the Beverly Hills-top mansion the star couple have abided by an earthen mixture of cream, white and the natural hue of varnished wood. Several rugged, playful touches are visible, namely the classic motorbike included as a centrepiece. We also loved the corner-turning fish tank built into the sandstone wall. Further down we can then see two adjacent seating areas where modern cushioned chairs convey the fact that comfort is clearly a priority. An entire wall is dedicated to a monochrome photograph of a James Dean figure and the floor are all cleanly tiled, completing the minimalist aesthetic which is so effortlessly complemented by the plentiful natural light . From this angle we also get a glimpse of the far-reaching view, which looks like it’s been ripped straight from some utopian science fiction film. Honestly, it’s just too good to be true – not to mention the sunsets that no doubt come streaming in, coupled with the starlight viewed through the skylights.

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Below we’ve included pictures of two of our favourite pieces from Beyoncé’s jewellery collection. The first shot shows the grinning star looking all kinds of stunning in the fevered heat of a party scene. We loved the way her Erickson Beamon Necklace recovers the classy potential of gold charm jewellery, making an energetic statement, whilst also remaining loose and luxurious.

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Secondly, we picked these decorative Dangle Earrings from Lorraine Schwartz, just because the exotic diamond arrangement goes so perfectly with her black beaded Nicolas Jebran gown. Never was there a more perfect dress to go with a pair of earrings, although it does help that she just happens to possess that curvaceous figure, which allows the material to skim her body, whilst also adding a subtle touch of lace in just the right places.

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