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Homes & Jewellery Boxes | Jennifer Lawrence

It tends to be the case with Hollywood homes that they get passed down from star to star like totems of grandeur. This week we're going to look at Jessica Simpson's old house in Beverly Hills, now belonging to the grounded blonde beauty, Jennifer Lawrence.

After several good years in their green seclusion, Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson sold this lavish five-bedroom mansion in Beverly Hills to the star of ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Joy’ – JLaw herself. Supposedly Jennifer paid around $7 million for this cool, 5,500-square-foot slice of Californian glamour. When she was asked about her new home, at the ‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1’ premiere, Jennifer offered a cheeky insight into life behind that huge white sign on the Hollywood Hills:

“I just moved into a house. I am in the middle of [decorating it]… It was Jessica Simpson’s old house. It’s like the neighbourhood w***e,” she joked, “I was outside and some girl was like ‘I grew up in this house.’ Beat it, kid. Everybody’s lived in this house.”

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This rustic home sits happily shaded by fecund walls of foliage and tall trees. It boasts five large en-suite bedrooms, bar one, which is adjoined to an elegant half-bathroom. It also features a tiled gourmet kitchen with modern steel appliances and plenty of room to flick and throw a frying pan around. The luxurious open floor plan means that the kitchen stretches nicely into a breezy dining area adjacent to an outdoor patio. All of these rooms are bathed in swathes of natural light, spilling through the floor-to-ceiling windows onto the rich wooden floors. That’s not even to mention the wholesome atmosphere complemented by thick rugs and a roaring fireplace, for after the sun sets. There is, of course, a sizeable dining area, replete with a little bar and plenty of space for throwing shapes when the wine starts to flow.

All in all, we have to say we’re impressed by Jennifer’s choice. Nothing can beat the oriental addition of a koi pond (not pictured) half-hidden under a stand of trees, at the centre of its own private stone courtyard. However, we do love the second-storey bedroom with its outdoor terrace, framed by swollen bushes and overlooking a long pool with paved stone sides. Just imagine reclining on that sun-baked balcony, perhaps reading whilst listening to the sound of water running through the filter below.

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As far as jewellery is concerned, we couldn’t think of any piece in Jennifer’s collection that we love quite as much as these Emerald and Diamond Drop Earrings, which she wore for the premiere of the last ‘Hunger Games’ film in Madrid.


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