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The Greatest Gift | Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert

So, maybe an advert doesn't deserve a blog of its own, but, then again, have you seen the new Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert...?

Christmas adverts have become a thing of a spectacle and a huge asset in the retail world. Hence the cinematic genius of the joyous Christmas musical, which was created in stunning stop-frame animation, on behalf of Sainsburys. The musical is backed by vocals from American Late Night’s James Corden, composed by one of the Flight of the Conchords duo, Bret Mackenzie. It tells the story of everyman/hero Dave, a loving dad juggling his responsibilities and struggling to keep his head above the Winter snow. After a Frankenstein-esque night of mad experimentation, he clones himself, so that he can cover all of his duties at once, and discovers that the greatest gift he can give his family this Christmas is himself and his time. Not a bad message – ay?

Above you’ll find the completed trailer and below you’ll find a Behind The Scenes glimpse of the care and attention that went into creating this wonderful video. What we love most is the charming, authentic story of a hard-working dad, Dave, learning the importance of spending time with his kids. It’s a message that will surely apply to many fathers, across blighty, perhaps reminding them how important Christmas really is. It was ingeniously animated for the screen, courtesy of the award-winning director, Sam Fell, who styled a narrative around the joyful and humorous song: ‘The Greatest Gift Is Me’, sung, surprisingly well, by James Corden and composed by Bret, who won an Oscar in 2012 for Best Original Song in The Muppets.

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