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Designer Launches Game of Thrones Jewellery Collection

If you're playing the Game of Thrones and running the Westeros gauntlet, you have to dress to impress. Hence why so many aspiring kings and queens are either armoured to the nines or sensually draped in their softest and most luxurious finery.

It might surprise you to read that a fantasy series set in a fictional, nigh-medieval universe is actually inspiring new fashion trends and jewellery habits. Chief amongst these shiny TV treasures was season five’s silver Dragon Necklace worn by fiery desert-queen Daenerys Targaryen, played in the show by Emilia Clarke. Ever since we saw that scaly, serpentine, silver necklace we couldn’t wait to see if it would surface as a collectable, or, even better, a wearable accessory.

Now, that wait is finally over – Emmy award winning costume designer, Michele Clapton has joined swords with London’s very own Ynus & Eliza to create the formidable MEY designs. The result is much better than we could’ve ever anticipated, offering avid fans and fashionistas some of the finest creations from the show. Now, every jewellery lover can try their hand as the Mother of Dragons, wrapped in the finest Valyrian metal and imbued with the magic of the Seven Kingdoms.


game of thrones postKhaleesi Scaled Silver Dragon Bracelet, $2,010

This intricate bespoke piece is ripped right from the reels of season five. This is the first of several regal yet simple designs used to indicate the refined and sculptured nature of the queen herself. At the same time it is a somewhat rough and rugged creation, mirroring the queen’s warrior spirit, or, as designer Michele Clapton put it:

“There’s a sort of edginess that I thought was really appropriate to Dany. They seemed to understand what a strong and complicated character she was.”

Just like Daenerys herself, this jewellery possesses a visceral appeal for many women who love the show and the pioneering work of innovative costume designers. Now MEY has crafted authentic inventions plucked from seasons five and six. In total, there are 26 designs, featuring everything from stacking rings to bracelets, all vivified by flourishes of sterling silver. The pieces are priced upwards from $100, all of which are beloved and carefully raised, like dragon eggs, by the designer Clapton. The designer also said that she chose Daenerys to be her first icon because she is so beautiful and powerful, like all great jewellery pieces. Then she went on to sketch her multifaceted statement pieces, with additions ideally suited for evening wear, yet also never straying too far from the smooth, sinuous figure of a dragon, so as to remain edgy, understated and quintessentially strong, like Daenerys.

“We have had such an amazing response to the dragon neck sculpture we made with Michele for Khaleesi, it has become iconic, with fans contacting us daily from around the world,” said Yunus & Eliza.



game of thrones post 2

Silver Dragonstone Pendant, $290

This Silver Dragonstone Pendant features a cascade of downward scales wrapped around a gleaming ‘dragonstone’. In total, there are four of these miraculous statement pieces, each one worn by Khaleesi during the show. In addition to these four salient pieces, there are also 26 wearable pieces and you can rest assured that every single one has a story.


game of thrones post 4

Dragon Storm Ring, $210

This three-headed Dragon Storm Ring possesses a dynamic charm, with a sterling silver ring of dragon heads. When Clapton described the process, she always said that she started by sketching the idea, after which she would discuss the scope and direction of the piece with Eliza & Yunus. The next step would be to hand carve the figures into wax, shaping the contours to perfection, so that when it came to being worn by Dany it would fit and provide comfort. The key was not to distract the actress from her performance. For some of the pieces subtle articulated detailing would be added like draped wings that would flutter with the motion of the wearer’s body. Once the design has been sealed in wax the form will then be transferred into solid silver, after a long period of painstaking carving, which leads to the aesthetic being gradually modernised and strengthened.




game of thrones post 3

Daenerys Drogon Neck Sculpture, $1,900

Finally, here’s Khaleesi’s most detailed Neck Sculpture, a hand-carved, sterling silver Drogon showpiece, which features one of the queen’s named dragons wrapping itself elegantly around the wearer’s neck. One of our favourite additions is the beautiful detail of the spiked mouth opening and closing.


If you liked any of these designs, it might delight you to know that lots more pieces are in the pipeline. In fact, it has already been implied that MEY will be expanding their collection to include other popular GOT characters. Here’s hoping we get to see some of the King’s Landing regalia worn by steely-eyed Cersei Lannister.  


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