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Our Five Favourite Christmas Films

The cold wintry Christmas nights cause families to wrestle for the fireside and the remote. Then you hear that dreaded, debate-inducing question: 'what Christmas film are we going to watch?

Choices… choices… what to watch? Do we want to see a heart-warming coming-of-age story? Perhaps we should try something different? Or maybe just another joyful classic we all know and love? Christmas can be a time for tricky decisions, especially when it comes to choosing a film for the whole family. Here’s our pick of our five favourites – we hope it might save you from that eternal debate.


Happy Christmas, 2014

Be warned, this is not your typical jolly Christmas film, which is one of the reasons we liked it so much. If you’re looking for that warm, fuzzy feeling then maybe you should stay away, but if you’re looking for an authentic drama about real families and the real spirit of festivity, this could be the one for you. It’s a smart improvised comedy and Christmas is the ribbon that ties it all together.



Home Alone, 1990

An undeniable classic, Home Alone is everything the festive season needs. If you like to cheer and laugh then this slapstick riot is a must. And who couldn’t love young fresh-faced Macaulay Culkin wreaking havoc on witless intruders? A little trivia for you: this was the highest-grossing action comedy in the US.



How The Grinch Stole Christmas, 2000

Everybody knows a Grinch, although they might be covered in green fur. There’s always one person who fights the festive joy and sulks gloomily when it comes to merriment and cracker-pulling. Jim Carrey makes the ultimate curmudgeon in this feel-good romp through the wonderful mind of Dr Seuss. It reminds us of a Wes Anderson film and it’s hilarious to boot.


Jingle All The Way, 1996

No Christmas is complete without the stilted comedy stylings of Arnie himself. This classic is about as fun as a snowball fight and as good for the soul as a warm batch of pigs-in-blankets. And who could forget the iconic Turbo Man scene? Sheer cinematic genius… too far?


Robbie The Reindeer, 1999

This is one you might not have heard of, although it’s sure to leave you feeling warm inside. It’s a hilarious stop-motion film about (spoiler alert) a reindeer called Robbie. Replete with an all-star cast and a yeti and snowman pairing that’s a comedic masterstroke, this is one adventure that’s likely to unite the whole family in one turkey jiggling, gut-rumbling: “ho, ho, hooo!” 

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