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Our Favourite Designers of 2015

Last year we saw a number of artisans who exhibited their unique pieces and individual flair for jewellery design. Throughout the year we’ve shared a lot of this wave of new designs, inspired by a range of aesthetic styles, from art deco to art nouveau.

Now we wanted to acknowledge the handful of designers that we appreciated most and kept returning to. So, setting the ado aside, here’s three of our favourite designers from 2015, along with a brief insight into their respective styles:

When Jessica McCormack talks about her jewellery she often refers to the way in which it empowers her. One of her favourite motifs is featured on her heart-shaped Kia Ora pendant – a gift she received from her father. The pendant is emblazoned with a Jade-coloured greenstone, called Pounamu, which was sourced from the South Island of New Zealand, where McCormack spent her childhood. She described how this particular piece reminded her of a pearl because the polished lustre seemed to improve the more she wore it against her skin. The way she talked her prized Pounamu was quite revealing. It offered an insight into the inspiration behind her marriage of traditional motifs with modernist styling. In search of innovation McCormack seemed to reach into her past and over time she retrieved a signature style, spirited by the idea of keeping the past and present entwined together.



Ara Vartanian was raised in an eccentric family of artists. He learnt his skills as an artisan first-hand and was inured to strict artistic discipline from an early age. A glance at his collection will surely reveal the vibrant talent he inherited, evidenced by an array of unique designs reminiscent of his native country, Brazil. Look closely at his pieces and you will surely glimpse the samba-stirred vivacity of Rio de Janeiro and the serene maritime calm of Salvador. Vartanian is also a singular proponent of innovation, famous for his inverted diamonds and adapted three-finger rings. Throughout his professional career, he has experimented with a variety of settings, whilst paying strict attention to the singularity of each and every gemstone he uses.



Looking for the finishing touch to your summer beach look? Daniella Draper offers a selection of understated designs suited for the next time you hit the sun-kissed coasts of our fair planet. You might expect these subtle, natural motifs, shaped in silver and gold, to have been dreamed-up by a beach-bound Californian or Aussi, whereas the truth is Draper is from the verdant Lincolnshire Wolds. Recently her work has been featured in V-Magazine and Vogue, worn by the likes of Kate Moss and Natasha Khan from Bat For Lashes. Every piece has been handcrafted in her elegant atelier, displaying a rustic and timeless charm unique to her eclectic collection, which also offers a stylish array of bangles and charms.

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