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Elixir | Elle Macpherson and her Super Supplement

The journey to wellness is fraught with difficulties and though we might all like to enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, it takes a very special dedication to wholly commit to what it requires from us...

For us, Elle Macpherson, sometimes referred to as ‘The Body’, is a great example of somebody who’s wholly committed to elegantly maintaining both a healthy mind and body. So, what’s her secret? Well, she simply swears by a daily alkaline-based supplement – an antidote to the frenetic rush of modern-day life. It can be tempting to let our standard of wellbeing slip in the stressful urban environments that so many of us populate. Of course, we’d be much better off if we kept a strict regime. Most health problems stem from a foundation of acidity, which undermines the body’s need for healthy balance, whereas good health can often be credited to lower tissue alkalinity. Elle admitted to feeling somewhat drained and lethargic before she learned about the importance of keeping pH levels balanced. She then discovered the value of alkaline and was astonished to find the positive impact it had on her energy levels. She found that this new intake actually changed her, both physically and mentally, for the better. Soon after noticing this transformation, Elle rallied her creative instincts and dreamed-up the Welleco company and, with it, the Super Elixir.

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The Super Elixir is a supplement enriched with Alkalising Greens and pressed natural ingredients, keeping in mind the fact that the body is averse to ingesting synthetic materials. Natural ingredients can, on the other hand, be absorbed far more efficiently, which is why the Super Elixir contains a combination of 45 organic ingredients needed to improve functionality. This product was designed to assist 11 of the body’s systems, offering a daily all-in-one multivitamin and probiotic to sustain a healthy body pH and alkaline state. This supplement comprises unique ingredients for additional nutrients, including shitake and maitake mushrooms, which aren’t usually associated with an everyday diet. Other essential minerals, like manganese, zinc and selenium, are also on the ingredient list, as well as pomegranate, which, you might already know, is very high in antioxidants. You’ll notice traces of papaya to ensured healthy digestion and aloe vera for the benefit of the immune system. Basically, it has pretty much everything your deprived body and mind yearn for.

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What are the benefits of this mysterious Super Elixir? Generally speaking, those who use this supplement often rave about having more energy, clearer skin and shinier hair. There are also less perceptible changes like a boost to the immune system. All this thanks to the inclusion of a plant-based protein, affectionately named the ‘Nourishing Protein’. Where does it all come from?

One of the sources is sprouted brown rice and peas, which has a more positive effect on the body’s cells and muscles than most dairy food. In this way, those who use this supplement are able to repair tissue and develop muscle toning more efficiently. In most cases, it can be taken as a shot or stirred into a delicious smoothie, complementing your daily routine no matter how fast-paced it happens to be. So that’s about everything we know so far. We can’t wait to try this for ourselves, it sounds to us like an answer to these circulating doubts about synthetic potions and tablets, which, arguably, do more harm than good.

If you’d like to find out more information please visit: www.welleco.co.uk

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