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Dressed to the Nines | The Jewellery in James Bond

Bond movies have long been the focus of a lot of attention in the fashion industry. It looks like the latest outing, Spectre, isn’t going to be an exception to this trend – actually, if anything, this latest film looks like it’s about to up the ante, not just in terms of style and sophistication, but also in terms of the story.

The Guardian, renowned for a propensity to underrate mainstream movies, has already celebrated its genius with a five-star review. We’re excited for the movie, of course, but we also can’t wait to see what the latest breakthroughs in spy and Bond girl fashion will be. So far we love the kick-ass Parisian spin that Léa Seydoux has shown in promos and trailers. We also can’t wait to submit to the overpowering allure of the mature and inexplicably sexy Monica Bellucci – the first Bond girl, certainly the first fifty-year-old one, to seduce Bond. That’s no small feat it has to be said – not every woman can bring the man who never stops running to a halt, nor convince him to, as Eva Green’s Vesper so eloquently put it, take off his ‘armour’.

The film is yet to be released so we’ll have to wait to see the latest breakthroughs in fashion. In the meantime, though, we can take a look at the pieces David Morris displayed at his lavish showroom in Mayfair, London. He was the esteemed designer who wound-up working on the Bond movies through his friendship with Roger Moore and Maurice Binder (title designer for fourteen films). The movies he’s worked on over the years include Diamonds are Forever (1971), The Man with the Golden Gun (1974), Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) and The World is Not Enough (1999). Denise Richards was one of the stunning Bond girls who modelled his jewellery, as well as Teri Hatcher who cut an elegant beauty in Morris’s Bond Necklace with brilliant platinum-set white diamonds.

The Austrian luxury fashion house Swarovski became involved when it came to Skyfall – the last instalment in the Bond saga. Sitting at the sinister casino in Macau, Bérénice Marlohe enticed Bond wearing four unique Swarovski pieces in different styles. The British-born jewellery designer Stephen Webster also played a prominent role in creating these four exclusive designs.

‘Without question,’ he said, ‘collaborating with Swarovski on the jewelry for Skyfall has been exciting from the word go’.

He went on to recall those exciting first meetings at the Pinewood Studios and the moment dazzling French actress Bérénice Marlohe wore those equally dazzling pieces on set. Each one was skilfully wrought with its own individual theme based on the film. The Love Knot is used as an eternal symbol of devotion made to convey a romantic bond, attached to a gothic ring. The elegant design was highlighted with a mixture of black and clear crystals in a Pointiage setting. It was shaped with a hand-set technique that offered a unique effusion. Bérénice also lent her allure to the bold bamboo-inspired Black Bamboo pair of 7cm earrings, which had a distinct air of dark elegancy. These pieces were designed to capture the strong essence of femininity, displaying a sophisticated use of crystal, whilst also cleverly adapting known motifs. Perhaps the most eminent example is this striking metal-themed Queen Cobra Double Ring. An innovative creation, this gothic piece features a large crystal, symbolizing the forbidden apple, clutched by the tail of the serpent that crumbled the Garden of Eden. Notice the irresistible red of the snake’s crystal eyes, luring the viewer, coupled with the flash from the black crystals that line its sinuous body. This shows how Swarovski channelled the infinite potential of crystal into a line that is at once both classical and exciting. If this has whetted your appetite you’ll be happy to hear that Swarovski also created a stylish Bond-themed collection, including everything from cufflinks to charms.

One of the most iconic pieces of jewellery worn in the Bond movies is the Algerian Love Knot Necklace by London-based designer Sophie Harley. It was famously worn by Eva Green who played the smoky-eyed enchantress Vesper and owned the whole room in Casino Royale (2006). Sophie Harley and her team made it in their newly refurbished Notting Hill studio, amongst glittering collections of gold, silver and precious stones, as well as sketchbooks packed with award-wining jewellery and private commissions for the likes of Joss Stone, Jerry Hall, Judi Dench and Colin Firth.

If you’d like to see some of these pieces first-hand you can explore the Barbican Desiging 007 Exhibition, displaying work from the likes of Giorgio Armani, Brioni and Roberto Cavalli. The refined inventory has travelled around the world from Canada to Moscow, displaying fine jewellery collaborations collected over thirty-five years.


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