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MIRTA is a cutting-edge jewellery designer inspired by the refined principles of architectural design and the traditional techniques of silversmithing. 

Part art deco, part architecture, MIRTA jewellery redefines modern design, subverting the expected forms to focus on a minimalist aesthetic, complemented by neat technical detailing. You might say that each individual piece is like a miniature sculpture, crafted by an artisan of incomparable skill.

MIRTA was founded by Andrea Simic, following a long period of study and material research, which Andrea has mastered during her architectural studies. Currently, she is based in Zagreb, Croatia, and hails from a decorated background, thriving in architecture at the local Zagreb Faculty of Architecture. She also spent time at the Zagreb School of Design and collaborated with various architects before she found her voice and her niche in design. However, it wasn’t until Andrea entered the world of jewellery that she really started to leave her mark. Before long, in 2010, MIRTA was born, found upon the guiding principle that strong concepts belonging to architecture could be translated into the complex fragility of jewellery. Strength and beauty were the twin pillars propping up her creation.

“I deeply appreciate natural materials,” said Andrea, “I also prefer to keep things simple. Whether be making a gold/diamond ring or designing a wooden structure I feel an obligation to keep the design understated – to allow the natural beauty of the material to speak for itself. A designer can never compete with nature.”

Whilst also being aesthetically sound, MIRTA jewellery is dedicated to upholding their environmental responsibility, whilst also insisting that every material they use has been ethically sourced. Every piece you find has been lovingly handcrafted in Andrea’s ordered Croatian workshop, using only the most superlative precious metals, like Ecogold, as well as ethically sourced stones and low-impact, low-tech, traditional silversmithing techniques. You can find their beautiful works by following this link here.



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