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Designer | Lily Kamper

We’ve been looking at a lot of young designers recently and this week we’ve decided to explore a dreamscape that is at once both exciting and entirely unique...

We’re talking of course about the world of London-based jewellery designer Lily Kamper. She appears to be one of those modern jewellery makers who revel in the creation of abstract designs. Whilst browsing her collection you begin to feel like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole, into a mad Wonderland, where the air hums with imagination.


lily kamper post

Hand-turned and Hand Dip-dyed Perspex Earrings, 18ct Gold Plated Brass Caps and Solid 9ct Gold Hoops.

Expect an array of unique designs that defy conventions, whilst also adhering to a high standard of art deco design. Also, if you decide to peruse more of Lily Kamper’s portfolio, you can look forward to a touch of flair and class, with a unique marriage of unusual materials. Her creations are finely hand-crafted in Hatton Garden and designed to befit a modern and luxurious style. They also evince her fervent love of colour, in fact, each piece of Perspex has been dyed by hand to carefully accentuate her favoured arrangements of Diamonds, Sapphires and Emeralds.


lily kamper post

White and Copper Square Rose Column with a rose-gold plated cap. The unusual geometric shape – reminiscent of a marble chess piece – gives the pendant an entirely unique allure, which is further enhanced by its striking surface colour.

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