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QP Autumn Collection, 2016

QP Autumn Collection, 2016 »

23 Sep, 2016
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It’s that time of year again, when the warm slope of summer guides us into the transformative flourishes of autumn...

QP Summer Collection, 2016

QP Summer Collection, 2016 »

18 Jul, 2016
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Soon school will be out for kids up and down the country. We can rest assured that plenty of raucous celebrations will ensue. Then it'll be time for us all to head outside in our familial bunches to make the most of an Indian Summer (hopefully). First thing's first, though, let's look at some radiant summer jewellery to get us in the mood.

Our ‘Summer of Love’ Selection

Our ‘Summer of Love’ Selection »

26 May, 2016
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It's that time of the year when the first heatwaves hit our little island and the beaches fill up with pasty folk seeking suntans and a chance to jump on the boogie boards they got for Christmas...

QP Jewellers | UK Jewellery Awards 2016 Finalists

QP Jewellers | UK Jewellery Awards 2016 Finalists »

20 Apr, 2016
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We couldn’t be happier to announce that QPJewellers.com have been awarded the honour of appearing amongst the finalists at the UK Jewellery Awards 2016.

A Superlative Industry

A Superlative Industry »

14 Feb, 2016
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There’s no denying that jewellery is a luxury, so when it comes to buying it you want to feel as though your custom is conducive to a memorable experience and, perhaps most importantly, to a high standard of service and quality.

Our Top Five Valentine’s Gifts

Our Top Five Valentine’s Gifts »

1 Feb, 2016
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So we’re approaching that time of the year when love reigns. Suddenly couples around the world are scouring the internet and wandering the high street, hoping to discover new and exciting gifts for their loved ones...

Celestial Stones

Celestial Stones »

29 Jan, 2016
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Why do we love jewellery? It’s not something that we necessarily need in terms of our everyday lives. We can’t cut up a diamond and start eating the fragments, nor can we walk down to the shops with our pockets full of crumbled pearls and expect to buy groceries. So what is the appeal then?