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Alien Ring Found On Mars

Is this the final proof we needed? In an unbelievable turn of events NASA’s Curiosity Rover has uncovered what appears to be an alien ring half-buried in a mound of fine regolith at the foot of the Olympus Mons Crater on – wait for it… Mars!

A replica of the ring, catalogued as ‘746-1(Inv.)’, has already been rendered in 3D using early photographic analysis. This preliminary examination has revealed that the ring appears to be made of a compound similar to a Titanium and Aluminium alloy, although the greenish colouration belies further comparison to anything human made. From the little information released so far we know that the car-sized probe was out making one of its routine crater circles when it photographed a tiny object glinting in the red dust. Upon inspection the object was revealed as ‘746-1(Inv.)’, pictured above in replicated form. What’s perhaps even more fascinating is the fact that the design is emblazoned with what appear to be tribal markings. That’s right, tribal markings, not dissimilar to the ancient pointillist motifs from Viking or Celtic culture. Rather than coming to the conclusion that the Vikings once took their wooden dragon boats into outer space, we’re taking this this as comprehensive proof that we’re not, in fact, alone. But don’t start running to the hills with painted welcome signs just yet – full details about the finding will be released in an official announcement scheduled for NASA’s ad hoc news conference at 16:00 UTC today. That being said, though, experts did already give hints of the legitimacy of this discovery in a silence-breaking press release:

“I do not feel that it would be cheap rhetoric to state that this will change the course of history,” said Julian D. Waring, Professor of Xenoarchaeology (Extra-terrestrial Archaeology) at Stanford University, California, “Indeed this is our most promising chance of proving, once and for all, that Mars was once host to intelligent life…”

Standby for further updates on the discovery as breaking news is filtered through various media outlets around the world.

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