Top Five Valentine’s Gifts


WE UNDERSTAND it can sometimes be stressful if you just can’t find the perfect present – you know the one which gives you that feeling and you can just picture your boyfriend/girlfriend’s smile when they unwrap it? Nevertheless there’s no reason to despair, wayward shopper, because QP Jewellers have made the hunt much easier with this special selection of our Top Five Valentine’s Gifts.


Firstly we’ve chosen these Ruby Stud Earrings in 9ct White Gold. Ruby is a fail safe choice for Valentine’s with it’s connections to romance and passion. 

Ruby Stud Earrings 2.9 ctw in 9ct White Gold

This Rose Gold Necklace with 1.75ct Ruby Pendant is one of our favourite pieces. The neat facets create a controlled and eye-catching effusion, perfectly complemented with the reddish gleam of this rose gold necklace.

Ruby Belle Pendant Necklace 1.75 ct in 9ct Rose Gold

These Diamond Classic Stud Earrings are as sophisticated as they are understated. A minimalist’s accessory used to complete an outfit, these stunning pieces feature prong settings, which elegantly frame the superlative quality of the twin centrepieces.  

Diamond Stud Earrings 0.3 ctw in 9ct White Gold

This Diamond and Sapphire Desire Ring is simple and undeniably alluring. The darker outer hue accentuates the vivid heart of the stone, enticing the eye and drawing the viewer in. It’s safe to say that your loved one won’t get tired of looking at this beauty.

Sapphire & Diamond Desire Ring in 9ct White Gold

Finally, here’s our top pick for this Valentine’s Day. We think there’s something very special about this Gold Heart Necklace with Diamond and Ruby Pendant. Maybe it’s the way the setting gently clutches the gemstone or the neat diamond pattern used to emblazon the swooping 9ct gold. Whatever it is, we just couldn’t resist it.  

Ruby & Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace in 9ct Gold

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